Philips BDP9000 Blu-Ray Disc Player



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Enjoy the full potential of your HD TV for an ultimate viewing experience.PRODUCT FEATURES:Blu-ray Disc playback for sharp and real life HD images;Video upconversion of DVDs up to 1080p via HDMI;HDMI out for digital high-definition video and digital audio;High Definition Multimedia Interface;Multi-channel HD audio decoding;Digital audio out for superb multi-channel audio connection;Java for interactivity and graphical enhancements;Plays Audio CD and DVD-Video.

Product Specifications

Model : BDP9000/37
EAN Code :0609585119697

Plays high-def Blu-Ray discs with 5 times resolution of standard DVDs; the player measures 16.9 x 3.1 x 12.8 inches (WxHxD)
Backwards compatible with current DVD and CD formats; upconverts DVD movie discs to near high-definition via HDMI connection
Includes 10-in-2 multi-format memory card slot; provides playback of MP3 and high-resolution JPEG files
Connections: 1 HDMI output, 1 component (Y,Pb,Pr) output, 1 S-Video output, 1 composite video output
Built-in decoders for Dolby Digital /Digital Plus / DTS; coaxial and optical digital audio outputs


>Reviews of the Philips BDP9000 Blu-Ray Disc Player at
Average Rating: 3.5
Leslie Wade Hughes Rating: 2 Stars out of 5
Bogus Sale
I never could get this product to play my Blu Ray discs. It plays my regular DVD's just fine, but for Blu Ray, I would recomend something better. .... Read more

J. Mower Rating: 5 Stars out of 5
Works Great!
I am yet to have any problems with this player, it has played every Blu-Ray I've thrown at it flawlessly. .... Read more

Technology Guy Rating: 3 Stars out of 5
A Quick Look
Great picture! After upgrading the firmware, the Philips BDP9000 had no problems playing Blu-ray discs including Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Philips hasn't appeared to keep up with their firmware updates, however, and the recent film SUNSHINE would not play at all. All was not lost, however, since the Philips machine is identical to the Samsung BD-P1000 (except for cosmetics) and Samsung appears to still be releasing regular firmware updates. I was able to update the firmware to the latest relea .... Read more

Chris R. Greentree Rating: 1 Stars out of 5
Won't play my Blue Ray discs
I bought this player in June, I did not get a 1080p tv until Dec. The player plays my regular dvd's fine but when I tried a couple of blue ray discs I discovered. 1.The third Pirates Of The Carribien movie would only play the previews and the bonus disc, and 2.The third Resident Evil movie will not play at all. I called Phillips customer care and they sent me another player ( this took 10 days ). The replacement acted exactly the same as the first. After another call to Phillips I was finally .... Read more

Brett J. Trout Rating: 1 Stars out of 5
Won't Play Some Discs
For the money, I am pretty disappointed that this player will not play some discs. The discs are brand new, but shows like Weeds simply will not play. I signed up for Blockbuster to get blue-ray discs in the mail, but canceled the membership when the admittedly roughly handled discs would skip or lock up. Very unsatisfied. .... Read more


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